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Optimize all tasks, from entire company management to setting individual target actions. Automate, visualize and enjoy released energy.
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We use the following technologies
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Our tools - your possibilities
Kanban board
Execution flow
Gantt chart
Track your tasks
Visualize your tasks and control their execution stages. Feel the sense of satisfaction when everything is completed and there are no cards left.
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Get all results at a single screen
A real-time report of the workflow performance. Check out updates in one window and monitor when it's time to perform your action.
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Execution flow screen ixord
Make a schedule
View all current assignments for the following days in a convenient Agenda view. Plan events on available dates both for you and your team.
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Calendar screen ixord
Manage all work
Track all processes and active tasks in one space. Easy and fast navigation, designed to minimize time spent on the organization.
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Control the workload
Monitor the start and end of each process, the progress of execution, how teammates and employees are performing, and their workload.
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Order the custom integration
Expand the possibilities of using our platform adding the integrations you need for successful workflow management. Simply contact us with your request.
E-mail & Cloud Storage
Business platforms
How does our workflow management software work?
The principle of action
Any actions on our platform, starting from the creation of a to-do list, and ending with a complex business process are based on the Serie launch.
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  • Fourth step
Use various products in our widgets
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Pop-up window
Meeting Link
Productive interaction with the audience
Encourage the user to take action using quizzes in pop-up windows. Offer ready-made solutions for customers, and immediately receive all data in a separate table.
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pop-up interaction ixord
All-purpose business assistant
Solve user problems, send checklists, inform them about updates, and collect information for analytics by setting up a chatbot: fast service = satisfied customers.
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Simple time management
Share a special link with other people so they can book an appointment with you right on your calendar. No issues, as they will see the available time in your schedule.
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time management ixord
Virtual manager for customers
Create the feeling of the consultant`s presence and provide quality service. Improve customer experience and satisfaction with fast responses to inquiries.
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Virtual manager ixord
Customize workflows up to your field
Your choice - our settings
Let's consider one of our real cases. You have selected to set up a pop-up window, to interact with the client through your website.
If you operate in the e-commerce area
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  • Fifth step
Simple data management when your platform is cloud-based
We use cloud technology so that you have continuous and flexible access to your data.
The main feature is that, you get all your information from any device without long waiting. Moreover, you can simultaneously use several devices and work on the arrowup ixord platform as you like. What are the other benefits?
elasticity and growth possibilities
information is safe and stored by third parties
accessibility and ease of use
info arrowdown ixord All info for advanced strategy
Always valid data for project management
Get complete info for analytics of each process in a simple visualized form. Get information about the conversion action at every step and create a strategy based on this analysis.
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  • Analytics
  • A/B testing
For those who are more about figures
$ 14,300
The total amount of runs provided
+ 1,3 m
of free runs
+ 13,000
of new users per month
More workspace features for multi-level processes
User collections
Advanced filter for any function
To sort processes with fewer parameters. The best thing is that you can filter not only Serie but also activities, launches, and more, making work easier for yourself in the future.
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Tags screen ixord
Manage access rights
This function defines the user's access rights to the workspace and allows them to perform actions of different levels. Assign a role that let your coworkers and employees perform more effectively.
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Standardize routine work
Group people according to the work (often of the same type) that they perform. Delegate tasks to a specific position and don't waste time assigning each person individually.
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Decision for big teams
Combines selected accounts (which are or will be in the system in the future) and creates a set of standard Series for them. Useful for large customers to establish one process and give access to it to the staff involved.
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Share brand identity
Ability to create a customized page for each process. Develop a wide range of different mini-products (like checklists and quizzes). And give your audience a unique brand experience.
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Take on our customers` successful experience
Increasing client engagement. Analysis of the audience needs for the formation of the correct product strategy.
Nelly, self-determination mentor
“I didn't know that a questionnaire could be so nice and convenient. From me - only a draft version, from the team - everything else: setting up on the platform, designing and uploading all the results in the table. I'm glad I found a tool that makes my life easier!”
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We are a startup but we are cool
Despite, Ixord is currently in a testing period, we still have so much to offer you. We do not charge fees, so that's the best chance to try all our functionality. Your feedback is the most valuable thing now.
Your donations help us grow and enter the market!
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Packages for businesses of various sizes
Free forever
runs of serie
Access to the entire functionality of the platform limited only to the number of Serie runs per month.
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runs of serie
Access to the entire functionality of the platform limited only to the number of Serie runs per month.
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runs of serie
Access to the entire functionality of the platform limited only to the number of Serie runs per month.
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Pay-per-use system for all customers
Our future way of working provides for paying only for running the processes.
What does it mean? To start the process on our platform, you use a Serie. And you pay only for the Serie Runs. All functionality, including widgets, is available to you regardless of your service package. What does it give you?
all the power of the platform
a clear vision of expenses
using only what you need
We’d love to hear from you!
Please leave your contacts so that we can get in touch with you and perfectly advise you on our platform.
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