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Unify Your Workspace

Unify Your Workspace

IXORD revolutionizes user experience by integrating diverse tools into one seamless, customizable ecosystem.

In developing every facet of the IXORD multiplatform software solution, we attentively heed user feedback and demands to bridge workflow gaps - delivering a seamless digital space that nurtures increased productivity and creativity for our customers.

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Deadlines will never surprise you again.

Choose IXORD and invest in constant innovation. We ensure you always deliver, evolving our platform with new solutions to grow your business and streamline your management processes.

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Everyone knows what they need to do.

Opt for IXORD, and unlock continuous growth. Together, we'll cultivate your team's success through dynamic solutions and platform enhancements, leveraging our cutting-edge work management software to build efficient workflows and maximize productivity.

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Less juggling, more time for Real Work.

Select IXORD and partner with progress. We provide the platform that evolves in tandem with you, creating tools and features to fuel your company's journey. Our seamless integration ensures smooth operation across your chosen platform, empowering you to focus on what truly matters.

Fast & powerful to get out of your way

Designed for Speed & Efficiency – IXORD streamlines your workflow for maximum productivity.



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AI Lists & Notes

AI Notes: Your Smart Notetaking Companion

Eliminate the clutter of disorganized thoughts and information overload with our software. Build a workspace that works for you, empowering you to focus on your work and grow your productivity. Our app is here to help you streamline your workflow and achieve your goals.

AI Notes has completely changed the way I organize my ideas and tasks. It's like having a personal assistant that knows exactly how to align my thoughts with my workflow. I'm able to capture, organize, and retrieve information with unprecedented ease!

Alex Turner

Product Manager
AI Lists & Notes
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Planning & Tasks

Planning & Tasks: Master Your To-Do List and Work productivity without stress

Overcome the challenge of juggling multiple projects and deadlines with IXORD. Trust our management solutions to streamline your projects, ensuring efficient progress and successful outcomes.

Since using Planning & Tasks, my productivity has soared. Handling complex projects is now a breeze with intuitive organization and prioritization.

Jordan Fisher

Project Coordinator
Planning & Tasks
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United Calendar

Centralize Your Schedules

Say goodbye to the chaos of managing multiple calendars with our synchronization solution for Google and Microsoft calendars. All your appointments, events, and deadlines from both platforms are seamlessly integrated into one unified space, streamlining your scheduling process and ensuring you never miss a beat.

The United Calendar feature has streamlined my time management. Integrating all my schedules and supplementing them with notes and tasks in one place is incredibly efficient.

Taylor Brooks,

a busy freelancer.
United Calendar
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Secure & Reliable

Experience the ultimate peace of mind knowing your notes and data are fortified against breaches with IXORD. Trust in our robust security measures to safeguard your valuable data, backed by reliable support to address any concerns. Your trust in IXORD ensures the security and integrity of your data.


Azure Key-Vault

Secure & Reliable

Customize solutions yourself

Solution Builder: Craft Custom Solutions with Ease

Break free from the confines of one-size-fits-all tools and build solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Solution Builder equips you with a powerful suite to create personalized solutions, using diverse document types, managing tasks effortlessly, and leveraging AI chat for analysis for in-depth insights.

Solution Builder is a game-changer for our workflow. From customized task boards to AI-enhanced analysis, it has allowed us to develop tailored solutions that perfectly align with our operational goals.

Riley Kim

Operations Specialist
Solution Builder: Craft Custom Solutions with Ease
Free 100 credits for your needs. No credit card required

AI Tools: Smart Context Management & Conversational Branching

Navigate the complexity of maintaining context and continuity across AI-driven conversations

Our AI Tools empower you to build sophisticated context segments, reuse them in diverse AI chat scenarios, and craft branching dialogues that intelligently leverage past interactions for coherent, dynamic conversations. Get started with our platform solution and unlock the power of your data for seamless, intelligent dialogue creation.

Using AI Tools has remarkably enhanced my problem-solving process. The context management system lets me tap into previous AI dialogues, refine my questions, and explore various conversation paths to find the best solutions efficiently.

Avery Chen

Research Analyst
I Tools: Smart Context Management & Conversational Branching
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A Sneak Peek at Your Future Workspace

Get inspired by our gallery of screenshots showcasing the dynamic interface and user-friendly design of our application. Each example illustrates how your customized solutions could look, making complex tasks simple and secure.

Free 100 credits for your needs. No credit card required

Categorize & Organize

Tag it, divide it, and conquer your workspace!

Utilize tags to swiftly organize your work into distinct areas, ensuring a clean, ordered, and more manageable workspace with our software. Build your workspace with our apps, facilitating efficient organization and enhanced productivity in your work.

Categorize & Organize

Move work forward from anywhere

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Embrace adaptability—your mobile workspace awaits
Jump between devices without missing a beat. Our real-time synchronization means your work is always up to date, no matter where you choose to log in.

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