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Explore IXORD Notes in our quick video. AI-powered note-taking meets elegant formatting for a seamless way to capture and execute your thoughts.

Benefits of Using IXORD Notes

Unlock the full potential of your ideas with IXORD Notes. Benefit from our intuitive Note App, powered by AI efficiency and seamless collaboration features. Organize your thoughts effortlessly with our organizational tool, ensuring they're accessible anywhere, just when you need them.


Make your note any way you want

Type it on your laptop or phone, record a voice message.


Including AI will explain a complex task

Write +100 ideas on any topic and translate text into any language.


Find harmony in your work and personal life

Manage limitless tasks, notes, and collaborations effortlessly-all in one app.


Optimized platforms

Access Landpagy from your mobile device and integrate with your favorite sales-boosting apps


Personalized Experience

Customize your note-taking environment to fit your work style and preferences.


Thought Evolution

Experience the evolution of your thoughts with IXORD Notes, the ultimate productivity app. Effortlessly develop ideas from simple notes to complex plans, empowering you to achieve your goals with ease.

Flexible Block-Style Formatting

Flexible Block-Style Formatting

Experience the power of organizational flexibility with IXORD Notes. Our block-style formatting feature allows you to structure your notes with precision and flair. Whether you're using headers, text blocks, links, or more, you can arrange your ideas with drag-and-drop ease. Transform your notes into visually appealing and functional documents with our organizational tool.

Effortless Tag-Based Organization

Effortless Tag-Based Organization

Navigate and organize your workload effortlessly with Tags Organization in IXORD Notes, the ultimate note-taking app. Tag your notes by different areas of interest or activity, allowing you to sort, search, and manage ideas related to distinct aspects of your life or work with ease.

Secure Data Vault

Secure Data Vault

Trust in IXORD Notes' Secure Data Storage to safeguard your sensitive information. With strong encryption measures in place, your data is protected against unauthorized access, ensuring your secrets remain confidential and accessible only to you. Rest assured knowing that your trust in IXORD Notes ensures the security and integrity of your data.

Icon AES-256 Encryption

Experience ultimate security with IXORD Notes, tailored to meet your business needs. Our system ensures that all content is encrypted using AES-256, the gold standard in data protection. Rest easy knowing that your passwords, keys, and secret notes are encrypted with top-tier technology, earning your trust in our platform.

Icon SSL Security

Connect with confidence in IXORD Notes, the premier note-taking software with Cloud storage capabilities. Rest assured by SSL certification, ensuring that every interaction is shielded by robust SSL encryption. With IXORD Notes, your data remains private and secure during transmission, allowing you to focus on your work with peace of mind.

Apps for All Devices

Stay connected and productive on the go with IXORD Notes, leveraging our multiplatform capabilities. Our seamless integration across mobile and Windows apps ensures that your notes and tasks are always at your fingertips, whether you're on your phone or at your computer. Experience the convenience of accessing your important information anytime, anywhere with IXORD Notes.

Available on theWindows Store

Android App OnGoogle Play

Hierarchical Organization

Hierarchical Organization

Build and expand complex project structures with ease using IXORD Notes' Document Hierarchy feature. Our app allows for seamless creation of a nested document framework, turning simple notes into comprehensive project hierarchies. Experience growth in your work efficiency and productivity as you build and organize your projects effortlessly with IXORD Notes.

Tasks & Subtasks

Tasks & Subtasks

Streamline your project management within your notes with IXORD Notes. Our platform enables the creation of tasks and subtasks directly in your documents, seamlessly integrating with your operating platform. Track progress on a Kanban board for optimal organization and visibility, ensuring efficient project management from start to finish.

Combined Calendar

Combined Calendar

Combine your Google and Microsoft calendars into one calendar with IXORD Notes. Easily integrate and complement your schedules with notes, ensuring all your important events and related information are in harmony in one place.

Icon 2-Way Sync

Effortlessly maintain consistency with IXORD Notes' 2-Way Sync. Keep Google and Microsoft calendars updated together for seamless synchronization. Enjoy Shared Calendars and Google Calendar synced integration for organized schedules.

Icon Note Attachments

Enhance productivity and scheduling with Note Attachments in IXORD Notes, conveniently linking essential details to your appointments for organized planning and life/work organization.

Dock Panel Quick Access

Dock Panel Quick Access

Elevate your efficiency with Dock Panel in IXORD Notes, pinning lists and tasks for instant access. Simplify navigation and save valuable time with integrated tools to build, work, and grow.

Seamless Note Search

Seamless Note Search

Find what you need in a flash with Seamless Note Search in IXORD Notes. Quickly locate notes by title or content, ensuring you never lose track of your important ideas and information. Trust in our solution to organize your stories and ideas effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about IXORD Notes? Our Frequently Asked Questions section provides clear, concise answers to help you maximize your experience with our productivity tools.

The app offers a range of features that can enhance your productivity and organization. Notable utilities include tasks and subtasks creation within notes, secure data storage with AES-256 encryption, a unified calendar that merges Google and Microsoft calendars, collaborative real-time editing, block-style formatting for clean structuring, and customizable tagging for efficient note organization. Whether you are looking to manage personal tasks, collaborate with a team, or securely store sensitive information, IXORD Notes has comprehensive tools tailored to suit your needs.

The Ixy Assistant is a versatile feature designed to enhance your note-taking experience. You can use it within any note by accessing the integrated chat function, allowing you to ask questions or issue commands on the fly. Moreover, there is a dedicated section in the menu where you can find all your AI chats. Here, you can review previous interactions, continue conversations, or start new threads. This centralized hub for your AI chats makes it easy to manage your communication with the Ixy Assistant and keep track of the insights or help it has provided.

No, inviting a friend to a shared list does not grant them access to your personal lists. Each note or list in IXORD Notes has individual share settings. This means you can collaborate on a shared list with others, working simultaneously on it, without compromising the privacy of your personal lists. Only the notes or lists you explicitly choose to share will be visible to others.

Yes, there's a distinct difference between the two:

Share List: This option lets you collaborate with anyone by sharing a specific list, allowing shared users to view and potentially edit it, depending on the permissions you grant. It's a flexible choice for working with both team members and external collaborators.

Assign List: This is a feature tailored for team environments within your IXORD Notes account. Assigning a list is an action that can be performed only within your established team. When you assign a list, it becomes accessible to team members based on their roles: Admins can see and interact with all lists, and have full control over actions within these lists. Managers can see all lists but may have limited permissions and can't perform certain actions. Users can only see and interact with lists they have been given explicit access to.

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